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ULTRALEDS achieves IDIS acredditation!

As an online shopper with an IDIS-accredited retailer, you have the right to:

  1. Clear delivery information before you place your order;
  2. Convenient and reliable delivery service;
  3. Notification of any delivery limitations / conditions;
  4. Charges that are complete and simple to understand;
  5. Access to information on your order progress / history;
  6. Delivery within the agreed time frame;
  7. Helpful support with failed / late / attempted deliveries;
  8. Your goods arriving in good condition;
  9. A clear returns process, with any limitations / conditions notified prior to purchase.


Lethal Lightbulbs!

Did you know that the flourescent eco low energy lightbulbs are potentially dangerous?

When the bulbs break, they release MERCURY vapour, a neurotoxin that attacks the nervous system and can cause chronic kidney problems. Not quite so ECO friendly then!

The solution? buy LED versions instead that don’t contain Mercury in the first place.   


Ultraleds Achieves ISIS Accreditation

ISIS-Accredited retailers now account for approximately two thirds of all UK online shopping.
Consumers can shop online with confidence wherever they see the ISIS logo because it certifies that the retailer has:

  • registered with the ISIS programme and undertaken to trade in a manner that is LEGAL, DECENT, HONEST, TRUTHFUL AND FAIR;
  • had its web site and service reviewed and monitored by IMRG;
  • had its Business, VAT and Data Protection registrations checked by IMRG.

To verify the e-Retailers ISIS accreditation, simply click on the ISIS logo - a new ‘ISIS verification’ page will open up confirming that specific retailers accreditation.


leds on the road

The applications that can benefit from LED technology continue to grow. The UK Department for Transport has just approved of the next generation of SolarLite from Astucia. These are LED lights with solar panels which replace the traditional cat’s eyes.

Approval by the UK Department for Transport

The built in solar powered Light Emitting Diode (LED) automatically illuminates from dusk to dawn and provides drivers with up to 900 metres of visibility. This is ten times greater than the traditional, retro-reflective, passive road stud which is limited by the headlight beam of the vehicle. With the increased visibility of the SolarLite road stud driver reaction time is of potential hazard in the road ahead is increased from 3.2 to over 30 seconds, when driving at 60mph. A number of Local Authorities with existing installations in the UK have reported significant reductions in night time accidents of well over 70% since the installation of the SolarLite intelligent road studs.

King TUT in LEDs!

We have recently supplied the Tutankhamen exhibition at the O2 Dome in London with LED lighting. These are to be used in the foyer to light up a silhouette of the famous king.