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Yet another step forward in LED technology is being made. The new generation of LED bulbs will not only light our homes and offices but could also be used to keep data safe and purify water!

These advances were discussed in an interview with Dr Rachel Oliver during the BBC Radio 4 programme The Material World (6th Dec 2007). Dr Oliver is an LED researcher from the University of Cambridge.

LEDs have enormous benefits over standard light bulbs because they’re a great deal more efficient, come in a range of different colours and have a very long lifetime. They are also good at saving energy too.

Because they last such a long time, architects could cover the side of a building with exciting lighting effects without worrying about constantly replacing the bulbs.

The interview continued to go into depth with a discussion on the colour properties of current and future LEDs.

We’re aiming for white light that looks like sunshine, and there are scientists trying to mix phosphors in just the right proportions. If we can achieve this, the white will not only look warmer, but could also be useful for people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

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