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Even Brighter 501s!- that fix themsleves!!

Having said we were now selling the brightest 501s we had ever seen- we have to eat our own words!

the new ultimate 2 501 range is even brighter.

What makes these little LEDs so special is they are designed to avoid damage to the bulb. If they get too hot- i.e when too close to a main beam- the automatically reduce their brightness to prevent damage- then go back to full brightness once they cool down again! How cool is that !!?

Available in white- U501whp4W,  Amber- U501WHP4A  and Red -U501wWHP4R

 untilmate 2 white

NEW G4- bulbs

We’ve been asked for these bulbs for about a year. Having worked extensively with our suppliers we are please to announce our first metal G4 bulbs with pins at the back 9 (rather than the side) We have not seen similar LED bulbs anywhere else!


product code UG4CW4 (cool white) and Ug4WW4 (warm white)

Brightest 501 bulbs yet seen!

The new range of metal 501 bulbs are the brightest 501 we’ve ever seen! They are also designed to run hot- making them a fantastic choice for cars that have the main headlight in close proximity - a problem for plastic only bulbs. They are available in white, amber and red.

501 bulb

Product codes U501WHP3A (white) U501WHP3A (amber) U501WHP3R (red)

Health Issues of Low-Energy Bulbs - Reports Unscientific

In recent weeks the BBC has been reporting that Low-Energy bulbs are linked with health issues.  However you might be intrested to know that an article on 

Dear BBC, I am very disappointed that you have not asked for any peer-reviewed science to support the claims that compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) “worsen rashes” or “cause migraines“.  … It is well known that migraines can be caused by stress, food and daylight, so saying that CFLs are responsible for light-sensitive medical conditions, while ignoring all of the other everyday triggers is a significant claim to make and grossly unscientific. … Similarly, the claims that rashes are worsened by CFLs assumes that someone is using very outdated fluorescent tubes.
Dr Matt Prescott, Director, Ban The Bulb

You can read the full text of the comments Matt sent to the BBC on his website: “Migraines, rashes, peer-reviewed science?” 5th Jan 2008,

I would expect Matt to updating his website when he get’s a reply from the BBC.

On a “GOING GREEN’ note, Matt made one other comment that was very interesting, carbon foot print related: “The UK’s ban of incandescents will reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions by 2-3 million tonnes“.