NEW G4- bulbs

We’ve been asked for these bulbs for about a year. Having worked extensively with our suppliers we are please to announce our first metal G4 bulbs with pins at the back 9 (rather than the side) We have not seen similar LED bulbs anywhere else!


product code UG4CW4 (cool white) and Ug4WW4 (warm white)

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  1. 1 robpow

    I would like to start replacing halogen and other bulbs with LEDs but so far I have not seen an LED bulb that can be used for normal lighting around the house without looking blueish or yellow. Apparently the current generation of LED bulbs only cover just over half the visible light spectrum whereas an incandecent buld covers 95% of the visible spectrum. When will get LEDs that match current light sources?


  2. 2 Ian

    LEDS are not the same and may never match “conventional bulbs” exactly-there is always a trade off. If you like conventional bulbs why change?

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