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LEDS work Like Butterfly wings!!

When scientists developed an efficient device for emitting light, they hadn’t realised butterflies have been using the same method for 30 million years.

 Fluorescent patches on the wings of African swallowtail butterflies work in a very similar way to high emission light emitting diodes (LEDs).

These high emission LEDs are an efficient variation on the diodes used in electronic equipment and displays. So now you know!


G4 LED - Massive Price Reductions!!

Our G4 range is only available in the UK officially through ULTRALEDS. We have now slashed our prices by ordering in HUGE quantites. Why buy inferior copies from elsewhere when you can now buy the real thing for the same prices as the copies??!! We are also offering a 1.5 year and two year warranty on most of our G4s. How can you go wrong?   


NEW G4 bulbs - 10 LED

These are the brightest G4 we currently supply. Brighter that the “ultimate” but they are much larger in size. Available in Warm white and cool white - with back and side pin configuration. One and a half year warranty with these bulbs.

10 led g4