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LED Tape for Restaurants

Ultraleds have started to supply a well know restaurant chain as part of a lighting refit.

Our 78 led warm white tape (UHD78WW) was used to create ambient lighting effects reflecting off the ceiling and under seating booths. The lighting is fully controllable from begind the bar by dial dimmers.

The restaurant pictured is opposite St Pauls in London.

img_0196.jpg  img_01951.jpg

New Anti Bulb warning 501 sidelight bulbs

Uatraleds have just released two new 501 sidlight bulbs that are anti cambus (should work with bulb warning systems)

U501ACW8 is 56 LUMEN in brightness and U501ACW4 IS 60 LUMEN

u501acw4.jpg u501acw8.jpg

Brightest LED 501 sideslights!

Ultraleds have expanded the 501 sidlight range with 2 new models :

U501HW9 offers 115 lumen of brightness and is available in white

U501113W  offers 156 lumens of brigtness and is avaialable in white. The latter is the brightest 501 we have ever seen!