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NEW- Dimmable LED GU10 in warm white

  • Same size as a standard GU10 (240v AC)

  • 5 Watt power consumption = 40W Light Output

  • Lumen 270

  • Warm White 3500k
  • Wide Angled 90′

  • ROHS and CE Approved

  • Low Cost bulb with High Quality Leds

  • Fully Dimmable with Traditional TRIAC Dimmer

  • One Year Warranty


Dimmable LED GU10 - Frankfurt Lighting show

One of the big trends this year is for dimmable LED Gu10 bulbs. We have started to stock a few different kinds0 but this should be there year that 40-50 watt (equiv) led bulbs that dim fully will be far more mainstream.

LED candle bulbs- Frankfurt Lighting Show

We have sold candle bulbs for some time. However the large chandelier installations they are not very effective. We have purchased a new design which has clever optics which look like flame. These should be a much more attractive design.


OLED lighting- Frankfurt Lighting Show

One or two stands showcasing OLED lighting created quite a stir. OLED (organic, light, emitting, diodes)  create a very different type of light to LED. It is also very slim and can be used in panels to create quite dramatic effects. In the future it been said OLED will replace LCD televisions but at the moment they are VERY expensive and quite small.

No prices were on any of the OLED lighting and we imaginne it will be years before it will be cheap enough - unless you have thousnads to spend on a desk lamp!


Oil filled LED bulbs- Frankfurt Light Show

One innovation we thought quite clever was oil filled led bulbs. Convetional LED bulbds e.g GU10, Mr16 or even pendant bulbs have large metal “fins” or heatsinks to keep them cool. A new range we will be selling contain oil to keep the leds cool. This also has the effect of spreading the light and making the bulbs look like old incandescent bulbs. They will be available in several bulb types.Watch this space for more news!