Six different ways you can apply LED Lights on a car

LED Light bulbs are great at conserving energy and are a much more cost-effective solution than your standard lighting equipment.However, while LEDs are often associated with being an economically and environmentally-friendly alternative, little emphasis is put on the functionality that the electrical devices can also offer.

LEDs are versatile enough to power a number of lighting areas and do so in a variety of bright and vivid colours – giving the consumer an added sense of customisation to their respective subjects.

Cars are such an example of where LEDs can be used to great effect. This article will therefore highlight six uses of LED lights on a car – from the practical to the bizarre.


Although a car dashboard is already pre-lit with a bold light to help the driver determine attributes such as speed and fuel usage, LEDs can be added paint your dials in a totally different vibrant colour if you so wish.


While it’s vitally important that headlights remain completely visible and shine a bright white light in accordance with road traffic laws, for aesthetic appeal only, you can add replace your standard headlights with LED alternatives .

audi r8 led headlight detail lg Six different ways you can apply LED Lights on a car


This LED lighting isn’t a replacement as such but rather an add-on. The circular panel is placed in the rear windscreen of a vehicle and is used to project the mood of the driver in the car which can be changed with the use of a wireless remote. Admittedly, the concept – or point – of this isn’t particularly clear.

fun led light car sign drivemoticon Six different ways you can apply LED Lights on a car

Undercar neon

If you want to be really flashy (or tacky, you decide), you can install a neon which will illuminate a bright light underneath your car – well, you’ll certainly stand out, that’s for sure. If you’re mad enough to try such a thing then be sure to check up on road traffic regulations to confirm that the LED lighting is perfectly legal.

increase your visibility with an led 02 Six different ways you can apply LED Lights on a car


Feel like your wheels need some lighting love? Install colourful LEDs above your tyres to set them into the spotlight. The LEDs will certainly add some extra visibility to your vehicle and make you easy to spot for other road users!

Car logo

Perhaps this article has left the most ridiculous and bizarre use of LEDs on your car until last. That’s right, lighting up your car logo. As you can see from the example below, we’re not entirely sure why you’d want to do this – especially when car logos are already attractive to criminals – but hey, it’s up to you!

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