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LEDs to help increase safety on Sheffield roads

Sheffield will become the first city in the UK to replace all their existing streetlight bulbs with LED alternatives.

While the energy saving benefits of LED lights are well known, Sheffield City Council has also pinpointed the increased safety measures that can be attributed to the lighting solutions.

Around 80 white LED bulbs will replace the single orange lights that are currently in use in the streets of Sheffield. The end result will be a much clearer and brighter illumination of roads which will aid both drivers and pedestrians.

The street lighting manager for Sheffield City Council, Graham Scragg, told the BBC: “The lights themselves provide a very white light. So you’ll be able to see the blues and the reds on both ends of the light spectrum.

“That’s very good for recognition – recognition of the street scene around you. It makes the place feel a brighter, safer place.”

While the cost price of LED lights can cost more than double that of standard streetlights, they are predicted to last for considerably longer with an 85% energy saving to boot.

Sheffield will be the first in the UK to adopt the city-wide LED policy but others are expected to follow with Birmingham City Council also promising to re-fit up to 90,000 streetlights.

Furthermore, lighting upgrades are becoming increasingly popular in the US with Los Angeles the latest to be linked with a switch to LEDs.

Why LED lamps are leading the way when it comes to lighting solutions

LED lights have some convincing benefits in comparison with other traditional and energy-saving sources of lighting, such as: long lifespan, energy efficiency, instant lighting, design flexibility, light dispersion, and low operational voltage; furthermore, frequent switching does not affect their lifetime.

In addition, LEDs are ecologically friendly, ideal for operation under extreme temperatures, and do not produce UV emissions.

However, a major problem with LED lamps is their initial expense. Still, components become cheaper and prices are expected to come down; this constant trend, combined with the growing lifespan expectancy, makes LED lighting a valuable option after the initial outlay.

Simple to apply because LEDs can fit easily into modern electric circuits, they can become the centre of the lighting industry with an array of applications in interior and exterior lighting. Be creative, go green, and opt for LED lamps because they are a cost-effective alternative to traditional lighting that adds beauty, ambiance, value, and a touch of modernity to any space.

LED lighting offers functionality and versatility and can make a world of difference creating a cosy, inviting atmosphere. LED lamps emit much brighter light and come in a variety of colours for a contemporary, unexpected look.

In interior décor, LED lights are a great choice for under-cabinet and plinth lighting, around mirrors, along staircases, within cabinets and drawers, and more. A smart idea is to use dimmable options that provide variability and decorative effects. Recently developed versions of recessed LED spotlights for installing in floors, ceilings, and stairs offer reliability and style. These formats are a perfect solution for accent lighting to highlight artwork, collectibles, and architectural elements.

Easy-to-install, waterproof LED options are available for exterior décor lighting; they add safety, security, elegance, style, and atmosphere to porches, gardens, patios, and backyards. Glass and aluminium panels with built-in LED illumination for balconies and porches are also on the market; they are stylish architectural details that come in different colour and decorative options to create a fascinating look.

Note that LEDs are also used in security and commercial lighting, as well as in traffic control, in an array of accessories, and more.

Generally, always consider incorporating LED lamps because they are an innovative solution that beautifies homes and enhances life, an efficient source of light with many benefits, and a step towards a greener planet. LED lighting is not a decorative add-on, but an alternative to traditional lighting that will become more widely used over the coming years.

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LEDs helping to power Gangnam Style Xmas display

A US home owner has unveiled a 25,000-strong Christmas-themed LED light show which is synchronised to the worldwide pop chart hit Gangnam Style.

John Storms, who only moved into his new home in Texas two months ago, has decorated the front of his property with thousands of festive LED lights which play in tune to PSY’s hit dance track that has turned into a global phenomenon.

However, despite the mightily impressive Christmas setup, Storms has claimed that the use of LED lights means that he will make huge savings on his electricity bills and will pay out just $15 for the entire month of December.

“All our lights we have are LED so they just sip on electricity,” said Storms.

While the Gangnam Style tune could have proved annoying and repetitive to nearby residents, Storms has programmed the display to only be heard through tuning into a radio frequency – saving locals some potential winter headaches.

However, it’s not just Gangnam Style that the LEDs will adapt to, Storms has also fine tuned the lights to play along to some Christmas classics too.

A video of Storms’ Christmas spectacular is starting to pick up a great deal attention on Youtube and you can view the design in action below.

Welsh council see the light and install LEDs

The power of LEDs is helping a Welsh community to light up again after a four-year blackout because of budget restrictions.

Nearly 5,000 street lights were turned off in 2008 – much to the dismay of local residents – but Powys council has announced plans to restore light with the use of the low energy lighting solutions.

The local authority has stressed that the technology utilised in LED light bulbs means that they were able to reduce energy consumption and therefore install around 14,000 new fittings to illuminate the previously switched off areas and replace existing bulbs.

A statement read: “Increasing concerns over the environmental impact and energy costs led to the decision to reduce the number of lamps being lit.

“Low energy LED lighting technology is evolving rapidly. The efficiency of the lanterns is improving and the unit cost is reducing.”

The news has come as a welcome boost to campaigners who had founded a group called Light Up Powys to help re-install lighting to the area.

One of the group’s members, Jonathan Greatorex, praised Powys council for coming to their senses on the matter.

“The council’s plans are hugely sensible and will keep Powys residents safe in the dark winter months,” he said.

Work will begin on installing the new lighting this month with overall completion on the project estimated to be completed in a year’s time.