Welsh council see the light and install LEDs

The power of LEDs is helping a Welsh community to light up again after a four-year blackout because of budget restrictions.

Nearly 5,000 street lights were turned off in 2008 – much to the dismay of local residents – but Powys council has announced plans to restore light with the use of the low energy lighting solutions.

The local authority has stressed that the technology utilised in LED light bulbs means that they were able to reduce energy consumption and therefore install around 14,000 new fittings to illuminate the previously switched off areas and replace existing bulbs.

A statement read: “Increasing concerns over the environmental impact and energy costs led to the decision to reduce the number of lamps being lit.

“Low energy LED lighting technology is evolving rapidly. The efficiency of the lanterns is improving and the unit cost is reducing.”

The news has come as a welcome boost to campaigners who had founded a group called Light Up Powys to help re-install lighting to the area.

One of the group’s members, Jonathan Greatorex, praised Powys council for coming to their senses on the matter.

“The council’s plans are hugely sensible and will keep Powys residents safe in the dark winter months,” he said.

Work will begin on installing the new lighting this month with overall completion on the project estimated to be completed in a year’s time.

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