LEDs helping to power Gangnam Style Xmas display

A US home owner has unveiled a 25,000-strong Christmas-themed LED light show which is synchronised to the worldwide pop chart hit Gangnam Style.

John Storms, who only moved into his new home in Texas two months ago, has decorated the front of his property with thousands of festive LED lights which play in tune to PSY’s hit dance track that has turned into a global phenomenon.

However, despite the mightily impressive Christmas setup, Storms has claimed that the use of LED lights means that he will make huge savings on his electricity bills and will pay out just $15 for the entire month of December.

“All our lights we have are LED so they just sip on electricity,” said Storms.

While the Gangnam Style tune could have proved annoying and repetitive to nearby residents, Storms has programmed the display to only be heard through tuning into a radio frequency – saving locals some potential winter headaches.

However, it’s not just Gangnam Style that the LEDs will adapt to, Storms has also fine tuned the lights to play along to some Christmas classics too.

A video of Storms’ Christmas spectacular is starting to pick up a great deal attention on Youtube and you can view the design in action below.

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