LEDs to help increase safety on Sheffield roads

Sheffield will become the first city in the UK to replace all their existing streetlight bulbs with LED alternatives.

While the energy saving benefits of LED lights are well known, Sheffield City Council has also pinpointed the increased safety measures that can be attributed to the lighting solutions.

Around 80 white LED bulbs will replace the single orange lights that are currently in use in the streets of Sheffield. The end result will be a much clearer and brighter illumination of roads which will aid both drivers and pedestrians.

The street lighting manager for Sheffield City Council, Graham Scragg, told the BBC: “The lights themselves provide a very white light. So you’ll be able to see the blues and the reds on both ends of the light spectrum.

“That’s very good for recognition – recognition of the street scene around you. It makes the place feel a brighter, safer place.”

While the cost price of LED lights can cost more than double that of standard streetlights, they are predicted to last for considerably longer with an 85% energy saving to boot.

Sheffield will be the first in the UK to adopt the city-wide LED policy but others are expected to follow with Birmingham City Council also promising to re-fit up to 90,000 streetlights.

Furthermore, lighting upgrades are becoming increasingly popular in the US with Los Angeles the latest to be linked with a switch to LEDs.

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