The future looks bright for Schiphol airport thanks to LED lighting

New LED runway signs are to be installed at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

The existing signs, which inform pilots of locations, routes and runway numbers, are illuminated by halogen bulbs and are situated in the landing areas. But the new LED versions will soon replace them; reducing energy consumption by around 70%.

The lights along one of the airport’s runways have already been changed and over the next few years thousands of signs are due to be replaced; mostly during periods when the runways are out of operation due to pre-arranged maintenance work.

The signs, which are 3.3ft (1m) high and 13.1-16.4ft (4-5m) wide, are illuminated permanently in accordance with safety regulations.  The standard practice has been to use halogen lamps, which last around one year.  LED lamps have a service life of approximately ten years and use 70% less energy.

It’s hoped that material from the old signs will be recycled. The electric switches, along with other usable materials such as plastics, aluminium and copper will also be separated and re-used elsewhere.

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