To see the lights: Manchester city council to consider full LED replacement

If the thought of replacing all of the lights in your home with LED bulbs seems like a huge challenge; spare a thought for those at Manchester City Council.

They are considering swapping all of their 56,000 lamps for energy-efficient LED lanterns.

Town hall bosses in the city are discussing a £32 million overhaul in the way that the city is illuminated at night - and using LEDs is a serious consideration.

It’s thought that the changes, which would be rolled out over a three year period, could slash the council’s energy bills by almost 70%.

But the decision isn’t purely about saving money.

A report going before councillors next week claims that there have been ‘significant’ advances in technology since 2004 – with one of the key benefits being that they emit light that is much more similar to natural daylight.

The report also goes on to claim: “Given the projected increases in energy costs and these technological advances, it has become viable to investigate the installation of LED lanterns across all of Manchester, which would deliver various long-term benefits to the city. There will be significantly less glare, less upward light pollution and less light interference into people’s homes.”

The proposal once again highlights the long-term benefits of switching to LED bulbs, as although the initial outlay would be high and involve council borrowing – the bill would be paid off within a 17 year time-scale and the city’s carbon footprint would be significantly reduced over many decades.

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