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Liverpool set to replace street lights with LED lamps

Thousands of street lights in Liverpool look set to be replaced in a programme which could save millions of pounds for the city

The city council will consider a recommendation that more than 20,000 of the existing yellow sodium lights, which have concrete columns, be replaced with LED bulbs on steel columns.

Although the scheme will cost in the region of £7m, it is seen as an investment which will ultimately bring significant savings – estimated to be around £2.7m over the first five years.

12,000 of the existing lights would be replaced during 2014/15 with the residential areas of the waterfront being targeted first - an area which has the greatest impact from salt and rain, causing the street lights to have the highest failure rate and generate the highest maintenance costs.

A second phase a year later would involve installing 8,000 LED lights in residential areas and replacing 1380 older lights along key routes in and out of the city.

Each phase is hoped to lead to an 82% reduction in energy consumption - producing savings of over £500,000 per year.

 “This is good news in every respect,” said Councillor Tim Moore, cabinet member for transport and climate change. “It means we will have improved lighting levels where we are introducing the new lights, making those areas safer.

“We will be a greener city as the level of CO2 emissions will be significantly reduced and night-time pollution will be cut.

“There will be long-term financial benefits to council taxpayers with energy and maintenance costs being significantly reduced. We will be using capital funding to pay for this programme but we really are investing in the city’s infrastructure to make considerable savings.”

A detailed assessment of the city’s remaining 36,000 street lights will be carried out with a view to them being replaced over a number of years.

If the programme is approved, the first phase is expected to take around eight months to complete.

LEDs, camera, action! Top movie cities switch to white lighting


LED lighting might be good news for pedestrians and drivers, but their popularity will also change the way some of the biggest films look on the silver screen according to a feature in The Daily Mail.

It appears the look that has inspired generations of directors is about to be changed for good as LED street lighting is introduced in two of the most filmed cities in the world.

Until now, the orange glow of street lamps has been a distinctive feature in films such as Collateral, where the eerie glow adds to this tense thriller.

But the moody effect created in such iconic city settings could well be a thing of the past, with producers having to turn to technology to re-create the famous look.

While UK cities such as Glasgow, London and Manchester have begun switching to LED bulbs for their street lighting, the impact on “Tinsel Town” will be noticeable to movie lovers around the globe.

LEDs have a far longer life-span than regular bulbs, outshining them by thousands of hours. But the change means that filmmakers will need to adjust to their new surroundings, and begin experimenting to find out which alternatives work best when replicating more traditional street lighting.

By replacing 140,000 street lamps with LED lighting Los Angeles will save at least $7 million on their electricity bills each year. While New York will be about $14 million a year better off after replacing 250,000 street lights in the city.