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Tesco’s ONE MILLION LED Christmas TV ad

Tesco has unveiled its 2014 Christmas campaign, “every little helps make Christmas”, featuring one of its flagship stores being illuminated by ONE MILLION LED bulbs.

The commercial shows customers and staff getting ready to celebrate the festive season by decorating Christmas trees and shopping for Christmas dinner, with Tesco staff helping them “every step of the way.”

But it’s the light show that really steals the show with what can only be described as the most spectacular lights show since the London 2012 Olympics.

In fact, it was the team behind the Olympic Games that transformed Tesco’s Wigan store into a festive delight with LED lights covering the 78m long, 7.2m high screen in front of the shop.

Amazingly the light spectacular was inspired by a Tesco customer, after she expressed her disappointment that the Tesco logo above her local store wasn’t decorated in a green Christmas party hat last year.

“I was taken aback when Tesco first approached me, said Claire Hannah. “I couldn’t believe my tweet had been noticed. It’s amazing!”