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NEW G4- bulbs

We’ve been asked for these bulbs for about a year. Having worked extensively with our suppliers we are please to announce our first metal G4 bulbs with pins at the back 9 (rather than the side) We have not seen similar LED bulbs anywhere else!


product code UG4CW4 (cool white) and Ug4WW4 (warm white)

Brightest 501 bulbs yet seen!

The new range of metal 501 bulbs are the brightest 501 we’ve ever seen! They are also designed to run hot- making them a fantastic choice for cars that have the main headlight in close proximity - a problem for plastic only bulbs. They are available in white, amber and red.

501 bulb

Product codes U501WHP3A (white) U501WHP3A (amber) U501WHP3R (red)

it’s been an LED christmas and new year

This year it’s been hard not to notice the switch from traditional bulbs to LEDs.   

 UNITY Christmas light display in Regent Street London

This Christmas, seeing in Christmas we’ve got large professional ministrations of LEDs on Regent Street, London.  Called UNITY the LEDs were arranged into clusters with a large central sphere, with 24 smaller spheres around it. The LEDs can glow at different intestacies and in different colours. They used motion detection to respond to what is happening on the street below. For example as people pass by sphere can light up. The LEDs are using a tenth of the electricity of previous installations.

Seeing us into the New Year in the USA we have the Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball.

New York New Year LED Ball!

The new ball with be watched by over one billions people watching world wide.

As a side note, The first “time-ball” was installed atop England’s Royal Observatory at Greenwich in 1833. This ball would drop at one o’clock every afternoon, allowing the captains of nearby ships to precisely set their chronometers.

This is the 100th celebration of the time ball, with the first being dropped in 1807. Only two years were missed out in that time, and that was due to “dimout” restrictions during the 2nd world war. The new 6ft (1.8m) ball is covered with 9,576 LEDs that use the same amount of electricity as 10 toasters. 

The main advantages

  • New technology will “make the ball glow like nothing else”, Tim Tompkins, president of the Times Square Alliance
  • Energy efficient lights
  • Twice as bright

You can read more New York, New Year’s Eve Ball online.

If your interested in creating your own outdoor installations check out our range of waterproof 12v LEDs.

Giant LED Tetris for christmas anyone?

Giant LED Tetris for christmas anyone?

There can’t be many people left in the world who have not at one time or another played a game of Tetris but how about a GIANT game of Tetris in LED heaven? Well a number of guys based in the USA got together to make an LED based version of the game.

The ‘game’ is composed of 240 led buttons. If you want to move the Tetris block right/left, you simply touch a button left or right of the current piece. To rotate a block you touch a button in one of the top two rows. And to drop a block you touch the bottom row. It’s a hands on Tetris game! Now for a few  facts from the project:

  • 16 microcontrollers
  • Total of 256 MIPS
  • 720 LEDs
  • 1.5A current draw
  • 1300 lines of code
  • 28800 bits being updated per second


Professional UV Torch - Ultra High Powered

Professional UV Torch - Ultra High Powered 

UltraLEDs are proud to announce we are the sole distributors in the UK for this professional only, 365nm High-Powered LED UV product … You MUST NOT look directly at this light as it will damage your eyes.

In operation the LED is fitted to a 3xD Maglite and produces SIGNIFICANT amounts of UVA radiation. Due to its portability and power there are a large number of applications for this product, for example:

  • Forensics
  • Police
  • Anti-fraud
  • Astronomy
  • Disinfecting drinking water
  • Sterilization … etc …

We have received a high number of enquiries about this product  (eg. home office, regional police, forensic investigators/labs), and due to the nature of this product we are only accepting trade enquiries.