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Professional UV Torch - Ultra High Powered

Professional UV Torch - Ultra High Powered 

UltraLEDs are proud to announce we are the sole distributors in the UK for this professional only, 365nm High-Powered LED UV product … You MUST NOT look directly at this light as it will damage your eyes.

In operation the LED is fitted to a 3xD Maglite and produces SIGNIFICANT amounts of UVA radiation. Due to its portability and power there are a large number of applications for this product, for example:

  • Forensics
  • Police
  • Anti-fraud
  • Astronomy
  • Disinfecting drinking water
  • Sterilization … etc …

We have received a high number of enquiries about this product  (eg. home office, regional police, forensic investigators/labs), and due to the nature of this product we are only accepting trade enquiries.