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50 Reasons Why You Should Be Using LEDs!

Over at UltraLEDs, we’ve generated a comprehensive list of 50 reasons why you should be investing in LED Light Bulb technology.

The idea behind the list is to provide the reader with the most complete set of advantages that can be accessed on the web. There is a ton of content currently available to the online user which clearly defines the major benefits of using LED lights but there is nothing as big or exhaustive as this.

It was this that prompted us to build this resource and we hope that it can become an invaluable link for those looking for the ultimate set of reasons to switch to and utilise LEDs.

Here is a link to the content.


Ultraleds- All “501″ car bulbs reduced in price!!

Ultraleds have been selling car bulbs since the year 2000. Our latest stocks are some of the best on tha market and many have a full one year warranty.

Bulk buying has meant we have been able top reduce the cost of all of the sidelight bulbs and we have reduced our standard delivery to just £1.80 for recorded delivery post.

All of these prices are in effect from Friday 17th June 2011

Giant LED Tetris for christmas anyone?

Giant LED Tetris for christmas anyone?

There can’t be many people left in the world who have not at one time or another played a game of Tetris but how about a GIANT game of Tetris in LED heaven? Well a number of guys based in the USA got together to make an LED based version of the game.

The ‘game’ is composed of 240 led buttons. If you want to move the Tetris block right/left, you simply touch a button left or right of the current piece. To rotate a block you touch a button in one of the top two rows. And to drop a block you touch the bottom row. It’s a hands on Tetris game! Now for a few  facts from the project:

  • 16 microcontrollers
  • Total of 256 MIPS
  • 720 LEDs
  • 1.5A current draw
  • 1300 lines of code
  • 28800 bits being updated per second