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Ultraleds Ar111 led bulbs

Ultraleds have introduced a range of AR111/G53 led bulbs designed as direct replacements to halogen bulbs.

The bulbs are upto 460 lumens (approx 100 watts light output) but only use 9.3 watts of power:



Ultraleds discount codes….

All ultraleds customers are sent discount codes on a regular basis with discounts of upto 20% off everything!

All you do is sign up for the NEWS LETTER when you open the account (or amend your existint account to SUBSCRIBE)

Ultraleds only send newsletters a few times per year…..

Ultraleds New 20 metre LED light tape

Ultraleds has introduced  a range of light tape that can be sent in 20 metre reels.

Available in 24V in warm white and cool white:


Oil filled LED bulbs- Frankfurt Light Show

One innovation we thought quite clever was oil filled led bulbs. Convetional LED bulbds e.g GU10, Mr16 or even pendant bulbs have large metal “fins” or heatsinks to keep them cool. A new range we will be selling contain oil to keep the leds cool. This also has the effect of spreading the light and making the bulbs look like old incandescent bulbs. They will be available in several bulb types.Watch this space for more news! 


Brightest LED 501 sideslights!

Ultraleds have expanded the 501 sidlight range with 2 new models :

U501HW9 offers 115 lumen of brightness and is available in white

U501113W  offers 156 lumens of brigtness and is avaialable in white. The latter is the brightest 501 we have ever seen!