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Six unconventional uses for LED lights

LED Lights are becoming an ideal choice for home owners because of their energy-saving techniques that fail to reduce the excellent quality that emits from them.

However, LEDs are also versatile and their functionality makes them an ideal lighting solution for a number of different applications in and outside the home.

This article will list some of the more unconventional uses of LED lights and some that you may be slightly surprised by – from the strange to the damn right bizarre.

LED Throwies

As with a number of the applications of LEDs on this list, you may be left feeling ‘What is the point of these?’ Admittedly, I’m not really sure either. Nevertheless, they look kind of cool.


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Throwies consist of a small LED attached to a coin battery and a tapped on magnet. The idea – as you may be able to tell from the name – is that these bright and colourful LED lights can be thrown on a number of surfaces and therefore be used to make some pretty patterns.

Plant Growth

While LED lights have been commended for their quality output, less is known about their ability to act as an artificial light for plant growth. According to research, LED lights are capable of matching the light spectrum needed to compliment photosynthesis. Because LEDs are also flexible in which direction they can focus on, there is no need for reflective material and the light can be shined directly on to the plantation.

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As with many external uses of LED lights, installing them underneath the keys of a keyboard is purely aimed at increasing the aesthetic appeal of a piece of equipment. The lights under the see-through keys can be customised to incorporate a number of different colours or just one – it’s your choice – although the hassle involved in converting your QWERTY keyboard to a glow-in-the-dark spectacular is likely to be too great to bother.

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Light-emitting Wallpaper

Yes, that’s right LEDs can be used to spruce up your blank walls and make them come to life with the use of some interesting designs and patterns that are reflected back on the surface. This may be one unconventional use of an LED that is worth considering an investment in. Utilised in the correct fashion, this could really bring a dull and lifeless room to the fore.

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These are just plain weird – if not disconcertingly dangerous. As such, I must warn that you need to know what you’re doing if you fancy implementing this make-up alternative. You’ll certainly stand out from the crowd – that much is for certain.

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Virtual Sky

Why bother with a standard light bulb when you can recreate your very own skyline indoors? Specifically designed panelling will allow you to emit a number of picturesque surroundings for your in-house environment.

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